Different Types of Hair Highlights and Techniques (2024)

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Different types of hair highlights and techniques

Hair highlighting is a great way to add some texture to the otherwise one colored hair. Highlighting makes the hair look voluminous as the texture gives an illusion of more hair and also the simple reason to go for hair highlighting is that they are in trend. But are you confused which highlight you should go for or what would suit your hair type and base color? There are so many highlighting technique and highlight styles that can be done that can be over whelming. Here we will share some information on the major type of highlights and techniques like balayage, foil, ombre etc involved for hair. But before that won’t it be good if you know what actually highlights are and their close cousin called low lights. Let see.

What are highlights and lowlights

Hair Highlights are used for the hair strands that are lighter than the original hair color or the base color. For e.g.: if your hair color at the moment is dark brown and you have some light brown strands which can be anywhere on the head are called as highlights. Or when the base color is light brown and few strands are in blonde color then those blonde hair pieces will be referred to as the highlights. In contrast to highlights low lights are the darker color used than the base color of the hair for a texture.

Types of hair highlights and techniques

1. Natural thin highlights

This type of hair highlights are more suitable for fine hair and create a natural effect. In this, fine stripes of hair are highlighted. Thin strips are dyed near the front section or the face framing layers. The color used for the highlights is not too dramatically light but just a shade or two for natural look.

2. Chunky Highlights

When the texture of hair is coarse, thick and when one has lots of hair then chunky highlights is the best technique of hair highlighting. In this type of highlights, streaks or bold section that can be up to an inch are taken and highlighted with a couple of shade lighter than the base color though some amount of creativity and analyzing the face and then customizing the technique is always there. This is going to be the trendy idea thus season!

3. Peek a Boo Highlights

For those who wish only a subtle change and nothing obvious for dramatic, this type of highlighting known as Peek a Boo highlight is the best. This type of highlights can be done with the regular highlighting color that is a couple of shades lighter or an extreme light or even the neon hues for that extra pop of color. The pieces are very thin and mostly hidden in the inner hair but show through the mid length of the hair around the shoulders. Customization is always there through.

4. Ombre highlights

Ombre is type of highlight technique where the darkest color is at top near the roots and the color fades as we goes down towards the hair ends. Ombre can be done in natural way like the gradient and color fading effect.

5. Textured Highlights for volume

Textured highlights is usually done with at least 3 colors and the primary idea behind is to make the hair look fuller. Prior to this, a layered hair cut is suggested which further accentuates the hair volume. The strategically placed highlights with 2-3 different shades of color will give an illusion of head full of hair and also makes the cut more alluring.

6. Balayage highlights

Balayage is the type of hair highlight technique which means to sweep in or paint the color. It involves a free hand stroking of the highlighting color across the hair for a more natural gradient. Balayage highlight technique can be commonly referred to as the beachy hair highlight. The hair ends are lighter which also gives a beautiful natural ombre effect to the hair. It is currently very much in demand this year.

7. Foil Highlights

Another type of highlight technique is the foil highlighting method where the hair strands are weaved and then hair lighteners is applied. In this technique the above mentioned three types like the natural, chunky highlights and the textured highlight with multi tonal hair can be achieved. The highlight positioned choice of the color is determined by the hair stylist and depending on the client’s preference, hair texture, volume, cut etc.

When it comes to hair highlighting, there is always room for creativity and new styles.

So, these were the various types of hair highlighting, have you tried any of these? Which is your favorite?

Different Types of Hair Highlights and Techniques (2024)
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