How to Pop Every Bloon Type in BTD6 (Purple, Lead, DDT, etc.) (2024)

BTD 6 might be a bit perplexing because of the wide variety of Bloons in BTD6 and their varied offensive and defensive capabilities. Let us know if you’re having trouble with one of BTD6’s most challenging colors, purple Bloons, and we’ll tell you how to pop them.

Many Bloons and towers in Bloons BTD6 have unique abilities, making it difficult to keep track of them. However, preparing for each round is easier if you know what you’re up against. This article will discuss how to pop every balloon type in BTD6. So, let us get started with our guide:

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How to Pop Purple Bloons?

The purple Bloon is one of the toughest to pop in BTD6 if you don’t plan your strategy well. It would be best if you prepared your towers accordingly, given that they are resistant to a wide range of damage. Purple Bloons in BTD6 will not be affected by the following towers:

  • Super Monkeys – Plasma Vision, Laser Vision, Technological Terror, Sun Avatar
  • Wizard Monkeys – Everything Except Wizard Lored Phoenix, Necromancer, and Shimmer
  • Druids – Heart of Thunder
  • Dart Monkeys – Plasma Monkey Fan Club
  • Monkey Buccaneers – Hot Shot
  • Engineer Monkeys – Sentry Paragon
  • Tack Shooters – Inferno Ring
  • Gwendolin – attacks until level 16
  • Ezili – Main attacks
  • Obyn Greenfoot – Main attacks
  • Adora – Main attacks

When using Magic Monkeys alone, Purple Bloons in BTD6 can be pretty difficult to defeat, and you’ll need to use a Druid Monkey or a Ninja Monkey with thorn attacks to take them down. For this reason, players will need an upgraded Ninja Monkey to take on Camo Purple Bloons.

How to Pop Frozen Bloons?

Players will be able to damage Frozen Bloons immediately with a Bomb Shooter, despite their resistance to most damage kinds. Frozen Bloons can also be damaged by energy, fire, plasma, and shatter damage.

Frozen Bloons are vulnerable to damage from Wizard Monkeys, various types of Druids, and Heroes like Gwendolyn due to their magical abilities.

How to Pop Black Bloons?

Bloons with the Exploding Pineapples upgrade and higher, Monkey Aces with the Cannon Ship upgrade, and all damage from Striker Jones’ and Admiral Bricker’s bombs are no match for Black Bloons’ resistance to explosions.

If you’re playing Military Monkeys Only mode, you’ll want to make sure you have a Sniper Monkey, Heli Pilot, or another primary or magic monkey on your map to deal with Black Bloons, which should be a piece of cake for most gamers.

If a tower is equipped with various types of artillery, like Darts and Explosives, the Darts will still be able to destroy Black Bloons, while the explosives will not.

Another thing to remember is that Monkey Intelligence Bureau (-/3/-) upgraded explosive towers can shred Black Bloons if they’re situated adjacent to the village.

How to Pop White Bloons?

The only resistance White Bloons have is to freezing. Therefore they shouldn’t be a problem. Since the Blue Sentry Turret is out, only Ice Monkeys and Engineer Monkeys can harm White Bloons. You can pop white Bloons in every tower except the one trying to freeze them.

How to Pop Camo Bloons?

Only when they are equipped with Camo detection may Camo Bloons be spotted. Ninja Monkeys are the only Tower to have Camo detection at first. You can upgrade the following Towers with Camo detection:

  • Boomerang Monkeys
  • Dart Monkeys
  • Bomb Shooters
  • Ice Monkeys
  • Tack Shooters
  • Glue Gunners
  • Monkey Subs
  • Sniper Monkeys
  • Monkey Buccaneers
  • Heli Pilots
  • Monkey Aces
  • Mortar Monkeys
  • Super Monkeys
  • Wizard Monkeys
  • Druids
  • Monkey Village
  • Engineer Monkeys

How to Pop (Camo) Lead Bloons?

“Sharp” assaults like darts, thorns, and shurikens can’t hurt Lead Bloon. Lead Bloons are immune to Ice and Energy/Magic strikes. Fire and explosive towers are the most popular options for players. Players have access to the following towers:

  • Sniper Monkeys with the Full Metal Jacket upgrade.
  • Dart Monkeys with the Juggernaut upgrade.
  • Boomerang Monkeys with Red Hot Rangs.
  • Monkey Buccaneers with Hot Shot.
  • Ninja Monkeys with Flash Bomb.
  • Monkey Aces with Bomber Ace.
  • Wizard Monkeys with the Fireball.
  • Super Monkeys with the Plasma Blasts.
  • Mortar Monkeys with Signal Flare.
  • Engineer Monkeys with Cleansing Foam.
  • Spike Factories with White Hot Spikes.
  • Heli Pilots with Razor Rotors.
  • Monkey Subs with Submerge and Support.
  • Glue Gunners with Corrosive Glue.
  • Tack Shooters with the Hot Shots.
  • Ice Monkeys with the Metal Freeze.
  • Bomb Shooters.
  • Alchemists.
  • Druids with Heart of Thunder.

How to Pop Zebra Bloons?

To deal with them, utilize any other tower that isn’t immune to Freezing or Bombs, such as the Zebra Bloons.

How to Pop Ceramic Bloons?

Ceramic Bloons, which boost a bloon’s potency by 10 HP, are exceptionally powerful bloons. Ceramic Bloons can be countered with a variety of high-damage Towers, such as:

  • Druids with Druid
  • Sniper Monkeys with the Deadly Precision
  • Glue Gunners with Glue Hose
  • Boomerang Monkeys with MOAR Glaives
  • Dart Monkeys with the Juggernaut
  • Ice Monkeys with Arctic Wind
  • Mortar Monkey with The Big One
  • Heli Pilots with the Downdraft
  • Monkey Aces with Ground Zero
  • Super Monkey with the Sun Avatar

What Helps in Popping MOABS?

This is why players are advised to use Bomb Shooters with the MOAB Mauler. Although it isn’t required, it is highly advised that players employ Bomb Shooters to deliver more damage to Moabs when using the MOAB Mauler upgrade.

Additionally, if a player has multiple towers that are fast and can deal a significant amount of damage, they can use them to protect themselves from the MOABS. However, I highly suggest against using a Super Monkey to defend against MOABS because they don’t deal enough damage for their high cost.

To summarize, Monkey Buccaneers (-/4/-) and Monkey Pirates (-/4/-) can be used efficiently to remove a single MOAB off the map. The Cripple MOAB (5/-/-) upgrade on a Sniper Monkey is desirable in the late game to ensure that many MOABS are simultaneously afflicted.

What Helps in Popping DDTS?

As a result of their immunity to sharp projectiles, DDTS are the most amazing bloon types to deal with.

Monkey Intelligence Bureau (-/3/-) is the most excellent technique to deal with DDTS, as it will allow all towers in its radius to damage any Bloons. The following towers should be used to take on DDTS:

  • Dart Monkeys with the Juggernaut.
  • Boomerang Monkeys with Glaive Lord.
  • Bomb Shooters with Bomb Blitz.
  • Tack Shooters with Inferno Ring
  • Ice Monkeys with Absolute Zero
  • Glue Gunners with Corrosive Glue
  • Sniper Monkeys with Full Metal Jacket
  • Monkey Subs with the Bloontonium Reactor
  • Monkey Buccaneers with Carrier Flagship
  • Monkey Aces with Sky Shredder
  • Heli Pilots with Razor Rotors
  • Mortar Monkeys with Blooncineration
  • Wizard Monkeys with Arcane Spike.
  • Ninja Monkeys with Flash Bomb
  • Druids with Superstorm
  • Spike Factories with White Hot Spikes
  • Engineer Monkeys with Cleansing Foam


In short, you will find all the necessary information you need to pop all the different types of bloons in BTD6. By following the instructions present in this article, you will win easily in BTD6.

Finally, here we come to the end of our How to Pop Every Bloon Type in BTD6 article. So, we hope this article was of help to you. Still, stay tuned with us for more information regarding BTD6.


How to Pop Every Bloon Type in BTD6 (Purple, Lead, DDT, etc.) (2024)
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