The Red Hair Color Trends You'll Want To Try For Spring 2024 - Glam (2024)

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The Red Hair Color Trends You'll Want To Try For Spring 2024

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ByJessica Choi

The Red Hair Color Trends You'll Want To Try For Spring 2024 - Glam (4)

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When it comes to hair trends, celebs are often the driving force behind new styles fans want to try, which can result in far-reaching trends forming. In late 2023, Dua Lipa showed off her brand-new cherry cola locks on Instagram, and she continued to rock the style into 2024. Further proving that red hair will be big this year, Megan Thee Stallion shared anInstagram post of herself rocking auburn curlson January 18.


Hair pros are noticing this trend, too. "It's inevitable that red-browns will be a hit for cooler weather, especially into 2024," colorist Tiffanie Richards told Allureof the shift in color trends. While it's not as out-there as cherry cola hair, auburn is a great, safe choice for those wanting to hop on the red hair trend without going full scarlet.

Popularized in 2023, cowgirl copper is another shade you'll be seeing everywhere in 2024. In fact, colorist Guy Tang toldThe Zoe Reportof the shade, "If you thought cowgirl copper was a phase, you're wrong. The energetic shade that blew up during fall is here to stay." So, are you ready to rock some fiery locks? Whether you go for a moody burgundy or a burnt chestnut hue, you'll definitely be on trend this year with your red hair.


Bright cherry cola is a daring 'do

Cherry cola hair peaked during the '90s, but the bright burgundy color has made its way to the forefront of hair trends once again. There are many variations of this shade, but richer is generally better. "When someone is asking for a cherry co*ke hair color, I'm thinking of a dark, reddish, maroon color that's brunette but also in the red family," colorist Cherin Choi told Teen Vogue.Because this is such a dramatic shade, Choi recommends getting your hair professionally colored, especially if your natural hair is dark and requires lightening beforehand.


Subtler cherry soda is satiating, too

If you don't want to sport an intense cherry cola color, you can always have a subtle shade of maroon dyed to align with your natural hair color. As colorist Constance Robbins described to, "To me, cherry cola is when brunette hair catches the sunlight [and] it just has that little hint of red." Since red hair dyes don't last as long as other hues, be sure not to overwash your tresses and use products specifically designed to maintain your color.


Auburn is the perfect mix of brown and red

Auburn is another color you'll be seeing a lot of in 2024. It's perfect for folks with brunette hair who love darker tones but want to kick their hair up a notch with some cinnamon red mixed in. To keep your red hair shiny, wash your hair with tepid water to keep the cuticles from opening up, and try to stay away from hot tools. If you need to use a blow dryer or hot iron, spray your hair with a heat protectant beforehand to prevent damage.


Saddle up with cowgirl copper

While copper hair may invoke images of the comedian Carrot Top, this shade is nothing to laugh at. It's not completely orange, but it has beautiful golden russet colors that gleam in the light. Cowboy copper is one of our favorite shades, as it looks great on all skin tones and can work well with any hair type. On this, colorist Melissa Dwyer toldByrdie, "On blondes, it makes the facial features pop, while on brunettes, it brings out natural warm tones."


Subtle red undertones look gorgeous on brunette hair

The Red Hair Color Trends You'll Want To Try For Spring 2024 - Glam (9)

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Achieving red hair isn't always easy, and many may need to bleach their strands to get the color they want. However, if you don't want to put stress on your hair, you can get dark red undertones without going through the lightening process. "If you're naturally dark, a vibrant burgundy or crimson could be achieved without highlighting or bleaching the hair first,"color expert Tracey Cunningham advised, per Mane Addicts. Brighter reds might require bleaching, though bleaching spots for undertones would be less stressful than all-over bleaching.




The Red Hair Color Trends You'll Want To Try For Spring 2024 - Glam (2024)
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