5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (2024)

Here’s an easy, 5-minute, 5-ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats full of probiotics and protein! Plus, get over 60 MORE nourishing, no-cook breakfast recipes so everyone gets out the door with a full belly on chaotic mornings!
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5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (1)

Busy mornings are hard, y’all.

Early, busy mornings are even worse.

And yet, everyone needs and deserves a hearty, filling, and nourishing breakfast to start their day off on the right foot!

And I’m not just talking about kids needing and deserving a breakfast like this.

Momma, you need breakfast, too.

Trust me.

I skipped breakfast for years, thinking I didn’t have time to cook for myself or I didn’t want to dirty up the kitchen or I would make up for it later with lunch and dinner.


It’s a long story, but skipping breakfast was, I believe, a big factor that led to blood sugar imbalance and weight gain for me. I’m a much happier, balanced, and healthier Momma when I nourish myself first. (Or right after the peeps head out the door so I can enjoy my breakfast in peace and quiet. 😉 )

Think of being on an airplane. If those oxygen masks ever drop down, what are you supposed to do?

Secure your own mask first, then help your kids. Because you’re useless to them if you’re not breathing.

Breakfast is kinda like that oxygen mask. I’m useless to my kids (and my husband and myself and my friends) if I’m starving and cranky because my blood sugar is in the dumps.

Momma, it’s ok to take care of you. Besides eating breakfast, here are 15 more ways you can practice self-care!

Now… if only I could get my husband to eat breakfast… 😉

5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (2)

Overnight Oats To The Rescue!

Honestly, I didn’t jump on the Overnight Oats Train until recently. I think I was convinced that my kids wouldn’t eat cold oatmeal, so I didn’t even try.

Then, my daughter decided she was sick and tired of eggs.

And then, one night, with our pantry and fridge in desperate need of re-stocking, I decided to go for it!

I grabbed the rolled oats from the pantry and the kefir from the fridge. (We always have rolled oats because I buy them in 25-pound bags from Azure Standard!)

To add protein, I threw in a scoop of my favorite, grass-fed collagen powder. Save 10% with my readers-only discount code ALLTHETHINGS!

And, because we don’t use sugar or whole sweeteners, I sweetened it all with some vanilla stevia with frozen blueberries on top (which I also buy in bulk from Azure Standard).

5 minutes to prep. 5 ingredients. Vanilla. Blueberries. Kefir. Healthy. Done.

Use Kefir For Overnight Oat Success & Best Digestion

#1 — Use kefir or yogurt to breakdown phytic acid.

Many recipes that I found for overnight oats used milk or dairy-free milk.

Unfortunately, however, oats are pretty high in an anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Phytic acid prevents mineral absorption in humans, which leads to nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health, and poor oral health.

Yet, kefir (or a high quality cultured yogurt) contains the necessary compounds to breakdown the phytic acid in oats, making them nourishing, digestible, and much healthier!

Learn how to make kefir.

Learn how to make raw milk yogurt.

#2 — Kefir also adds protein and fat.

Have you ever eaten a bowl of cereal or toast for breakfast only to find yourself starving an hour later??

Oats are carb-i-licious and little else. So, eating a big bowl of sweetened oatmeal made with water is nothing more than a blood sugar spike and drop waiting to happen.

I’m a big fan of slow-digesting carbs that don’t lead to taking a ride on the Blood Sugar Drop of Death Rollercoaster.

In these overnight oats, kefir provides the acid to breakdown phytic acid (see above) while also providing extra protein and fat. Adding those macros to this otherwise carb-heavy breakfast is really valuable for stable blood sugar and satiety.

#3 — Kefir is FULL of probiotics!

Even more than yogurt and even more beneficial for your gut health!

In fact, while yogurt contains transient bacteria to keep the intestines clean and provide food for the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. Kefir, on the other hand, has bacteria and yeast strains that can actually colonize the gut — which yogurt cannot do.

Kefir also contains more bacterial strains than yogurt, as well as beneficial yeasts (which yogurt does not have) that control and fight pathogenic yeasts, like Candida albicans.

Kefir is definitely a superfood that I want my kids to consume often!

Plus, besides smoothies, these Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats are literally the only way I can get kefir into my kids.

5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (3)

Overnight Oats FAQs

Can I sweeten with something other than stevia? Sure! You can add some maple syrup or raw honey to taste, if you like. Obviously, oats aren’t low-carb, therefore I like to keep carbs as low and slow-digesting as possible by not adding any more sugars. If you do use a whole sweetener, you’ll want to add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to make up for the vanilla in the stevia.

Is the collagen necessary? In my opinion, yes. A satiating breakfast is one with plenty of protein… and oats aren’t exactly a great protein source. One cup of plain, whole milk kefir contains 9 grams of protein — it’s a good start, but not much. One scoop of grass-fed collagen adds 10 grams of protein, plus amino acids and benefits for the gut, joints, skin, and hair! And 19 grams of protein in breakfast ain’t bad. 😉

This is the only collagen I use. Save 10% on your purchase with my readers-only discount code ALLTHETHINGS.

Fresh or frozen berries?It really doesn’t matter! If you have fresh, use fresh. My kids actually prefer frozen berries because they thaw in the fridge overnight, allowing the purple juice to seep slowly into the oats. Since fresh berries are in season for such a short time, frozen berries allows us to enjoy this super-duper quick breakfast all year long! To save money, I buy frozen blueberries and strawberries in bulk from Azure Standard.

Quick oats or rolled oats? Rolled oats! Use organic, if at all possible. Find certified gluten-free rolled oats here. Again, we purchase organic rolled oats in 25-pound bags from Azure Standard.

Have more questions about these yummy 5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats? Ask them in the comments!

Now, let’s make this simple, nourishing, no-cook breakfast!

5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (4)

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Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats (5 ingredients + 5 minutes!)

With just 5 ingredients, 5 minutes of prep, and NO cooking, this recipe for Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats couldn't be easier! It's got plenty of protein and probiotics, too!

Prep Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Servings 1 servings

Author Lindsey Dietz



  1. Add the oats and collagen to a pint-size Mason jar.

  2. Mix together.

  3. Add kefir, stevia, and salt.

  4. Mix well to combine.

  5. Top with blueberries.

  6. Cover with a lid and let sit in the fridge overnight -- 8 hours is best for optimal breakdown of phytic acid in the oats.

  7. In the morning, remove from the fridge and serve! Or take it in the car for breakfast on-the-go!

Recipe Notes

*Fresh or frozen? You can use either. My kids prefer frozen berries because they like how the juices seep down into their oats as the berries thaw overnight in the fridge. 🙂

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5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (5)

And now… 60+ MORE Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes!

From overnight oats and smoothies to dehydrated granolas and no-cook puddings and porridges and more…

You’re gonna love all of these nourishing, no-cook breakfast recipes!

Here are the standards I kept when hand-selecting each of these no-cook breakfast recipes for you:

  • Many recipes are grain-free, but if they contain grains (oats, sorghum, buckwheat, etc.), the grains are properly prepared by soaking in yogurt or kefir for at least 8 hours.
  • If a recipe contains nuts or seeds, they have been soaked or sprouted to reduce anti-nutrients.
  • No raw spinach or kale in smoothies or smoothie bowls, due to high oxalates. If greens are included in a smoothie, they are lightly steamed first.
  • Granola recipes are not baked, but dehydrated to preserve the enzymes and antioxidants present in the ingredients.
  • Chia seeds are most nourishing and digestible after soaking. Many of these chia pudding recipes use dairy-free milks, instead of yogurt or kefir. If you’re dairy-free, I recommend adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to your dairy-free milk BEFORE stirring in your chia seeds to breakdown phytic acid. If you do tolerate dairy, try chia pudding with kefir!
  • No soy products.

No-Cook Breakfast Success!

Remember what we discussed about protein being part of a nourishing and filling breakfast? And how that’s important to keep blood sugar stable?

Some of these recipes — specifically some overnight oats, smoothies, and smoothie bowls — don’t have enough protein, in my opinion. But, they are really great, no-cook breakfasts nonetheless.

If you come across a recipe that doesn’t seem to have enough protein, or you try one of these recipes and find yourself hungry an hour later, I recommend adding a scoop of collagen to the recipe for 10 extra grams of protein.

Low-Cook Breakfast

I promise I’m really about to give you a TON of healthy no-cook breakfast recipes… really, I am. 🙂

Don’t let the “no-cook” aspect of this keep you in a no-cook box. Maybe you just need “low-cook” breakfasts!

What do I mean by “low-cook”?

Instead of cooking every part of the meal (such as eggs, bacon, oatmeal, porridge, etc.), combine some of these no-cook breakfast recipes with cooked foods:

  • a side of nitrate-free breakfast sausage or bacon with overnight oats or granola
  • a boiled egg or 2 with a smoothie or yogurt parfait

What I’m saying is that you can do a 100% no-cook breakfast, if you want. Or, you can mix no-cook breakfast recipes with a la carte low-cook breakfast foods.

You make breakfast work for you, Momma.

Now, without any further adieu, here are over 60 Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes!

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5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (6)

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Dehydrated Granola Recipes

5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (8)

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Smoothies & Shakes

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Smoothie Bowls

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No-Cook Puddings & Porridges

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Paleo *Copycat Cream of Wheat* Instant Porridge (keto, GAPS, AIP)

Overnight Chia Porridge (soaked for best digestion)

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Chia Pudding

Vanilla Almond Chia Seed Pudding

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Chocolate Chia Pudding

Overnight Strawberry Kefir Oatmeal

Coconut & Mango Chia Seed Pudding

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding

Keto Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

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5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (12)

What no-cook breakfast recipes do you make on busy mornings? Please share to help all the frazzled mommas out there!

5-Ingredient Vanilla Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oats & 60+ Nourishing No-Cook Breakfast Recipes! (2024)
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